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 About Wood Wackers

Wood Wackers evolved as a result of our perfect storm. Having enjoyed a 27 year career as a pilot, Bart's diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease in 2008 prompted a few changes.  Apparently, some struggle with the notion of a tremulous Pilot with an unsteady gait.  No longer able to fly (or drive), the garage lay dormant. At the urging of his neurologist, he needed to start doing more with his hands to retain fine motor skills. Possessing a natural affinity for sanding things and spreading glue, the sharp spinning things in a wood shop presented some unique challenges.  Gradually developing various jigs and safety barriers, the shop is now Parkinson's Disease-proof and producing the elegant products you'll find on our site. 

All of our products are wacked using the finest, hand-selected hardwoods available. Waterproof, food-safe glue ensures a lifetime of reliable service. Our cutting boards are seasoned in a bath of food-grade mineral oil creating a safe and resilient cutting surface.  Each furniture piece is meticulously crafted to your desires.  Wood type, fit, function and finish are just a few of the myriad options you'll enjoy as we work with you in creating that "perfect piece."   It is our hope that you will discover the real beauty in a Wood Wacker piece is that in ten years, you will pleasantly recall where it came from.

Bart & Wendy Kadleck